Jiangmen Park plaza

The city of Jiangmen is an emerging urban focal point along the western edge of Guangdong’s greater Pearl River Delta metropolis. Amid its many zones of construction and development lies an intriguing corner site flanked on two sides by busy vehicular traffic and supported at the rear by the rolling topography of a public park. The site will act as the commercial heartbeat of a newly completed, private residential tower park just north of central Jiangmen.

The design proposal for Jiangmen Park Plaza establishes a new beacon for an urban commercial center in Jiangmen. The project seeks to transcend the conventional consumer shopping mall in order to deliver a more dynamic and memorable experience. This focal corner site captures the landscape and begins to blend architecture and environment, positioning the consumer in a setting that fosters organic movement and inviting retail space.

The site’s overlaying terraces and dynamic vertical circulation paths strive to deliver a new commercial typology that embraces the landscape and promotes playful exploration. The architecture houses diverse program and integrates a narrative of the landscape with its forms. The built form is at once independent and integral with the hillside. Open plazas promote rich social interaction and stitches its users seamlessly into the surrounding urban fabric.

year: 2015
location : Jiangmen, Guangdong, China
program : Commercial, Grocery & Hotel/Office Tower
size : 54,900 m2
team : Daniel Fougere, Alex Hengstebeck & Xiayi Li
advisor : Lars Graebner
acknowledgements : Hanion Architecture Cultural Exchange Center, Guangzhou City Construction & Development Design Institute - Nansha Branch, University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, and the Yuexiu Group - Nansha Branch Staff